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Beatriz Ambrósio do Nascimento is an occupational therapist (USP 1979), Master in Social Sciences (PUC 1990), was a professor at the Federal University of São Carlos, SP, for 16 years, and is a senior instructor at the School for Self-Healing, USA since 1993, founder and director of the Brazilian Self-Healing Association.

It teaches how to improve the body and life of people with:

  • neuromuscular diseases (such as muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, stroke sequels, peripheral neuropathies, etc.),
  • arthritis and arthrosis,
  • postural and spine problems,
  • circulatory, respiratory and digestive problems,
  • prevent and treat repetitive strain injuries and trauma,
  • to develop body awareness,
  • reduce stress and muscle tension and
  • to improve vision naturally.

Because she also has progressive phaco-scapular-humeral muscular dystrophy – a genetic and progressive disease that leads to muscle degeneration, causes weakness and movement limitations, and for which there is no treatment or even palliative in conventional medicine – Beatriz traveled to San Francisco, USA, in 1989, to study with Meir Schneider, Ph.D., creator of the Self-Healing method.

“During the nine months I lived in San Francisco, I breathed, ate and drank Self-Healing®. I did the training, 800 hours, received sessions from Meir and worked 4 to 6 hours a day with my body. This work included massage, self-massage, passive exercises, hundreds of repetitions of easy exercises to perform, stretching, breathing and visualization. It was a radical transformation in my relationship with my body and the way it works. At the end of that period Meir assessed my progress at 40%. My posture was much better and daily activities became easier; I had more energy, my movements became lighter, my skin was more pink and healthy. The feedback from my friends was even more encouraging. Not that I was cured, because the tendency of dystrophy is to go into activity from time to time. Self-Healing® is not a magic pill that “wipes out” the disease from within you, but a powerful tool for maintaining and improving health, flexibility and well-being. It requires patience, dedication, good guidance and confidence in the process. I learned to control my health in the long run, understanding what my body needs every moment and responding to it. For those who have a chronic illness it is a journey of exploration and discovery for life. It is to regain balance after each “fall”; take care and enjoy each achievement! ”

Back in Brazil, Beatriz began to dedicate herself entirely to the dissemination of the method that revolutionized her life and to the training of professionals.

In 1991, with teachers Jussara de Mesquita Pinto and Léa Beatriz T. Soares, she founded the Center for Research and Assistance in Self-Healing with the Department of Occupational Therapy at the Federal University of São Carlos, which, for 15 years, offered care and free community courses, internships and supervision for therapists in the region. At that time, he participated in studies on the application of the method in muscular dystrophy, which resulted in the doctoral theses of profs. Jussara Pinto and Léa Soares. (See References). The Center also translated and made available the 4 audio CDs produced by Meir Schneider (Support Materials), which were administered by the Brazilian Self-Healing® Association.

Beariz wrote and translated numerous texts on the Method (See Articles and Publications). He has given hundreds of lectures, classes, interviews and workshops, both for the lay public and for health professionals and specific communities, and training courses since 1993 in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, USA, England, Hungary and Italy.

In 2001, she participated in the foundation of the Brazilian Self-Healing® Association, in which she was one of the main collaborators until her extinction in April 2017.

“It was very difficult to accept this collective decision! There was a lack of active participation by all members and supporters and genuine dedication to the Method expansion project in Brazil, which I started in 1990. The tireless work of many over so many years has produced concrete and growing results: a complete and updated institutional website, Training Level I annual from 2013 to 2016, numerous activities with the general public, visibility and support to the activities of Meir Schneider in Brazil, secretariat and headquarters to respond to the public on references, materials, assistance, courses, etc. Responding to all this demand requires a lot of voluntary work, inclusion of new participants and strict management… ”.

He produced the DVD Treating Neuromuscular Disorders – Essential Self-Healing Strategies, (Support Materials).